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Master Your Branding, Marketing & Company Growth

Baby Pro Business Plan is your business mastery program, designed especially for Doulas, Baby Pros and Maternity Consultants. This step by step online course brings you into a community of like-minded professionals and gives you the coaching, tools, maps, blueprints and support, to master your marketing, build your brand and launch or re-launch your Baby Pro business with clarity and ease. Baby Pro delivers 6 core modules and over 49 business mastery lessons.

Jalyn Spencer

// Certified Lactation Counselor, Zen Mama Connect

“I am so glad to be in this course... wish I had found something like this years ago! I've spent soooo much money on different programs, trying to piece togehter information that would help me figure out, LOL! I've been going in circles for way too long! The Baby Pro Business Plan speaks to exactly what I need and I'm excited to get started!"

Chanice Ford

// Concierge Doulas of South Florida

“I am so excited about this! Usually I don't give up my secrets, but this is the organization that taught me to be a Baby Planner. She [April Beach] has something coming up [Baby Pro] and I'll be tuned in as Concierge Doulas prepares to expand again!”

Natalie Donohoo

// RN, Familiar Embrace

“It was everything I needed. Business Support: just the function of starting up. Educational Support: Resources and materials put together. It was reasonable for me to pay for. This is not just about "selling" or "marketing" your business. This s a support network of people wanting to create a lifestyle for themselves and a difference for others."

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