About Baby Planner, Inc.

Baby Planner, Inc. is a business consulting firm designed specifically to support the maternity, birth and baby industries as well as companies and corporations who choose to launch maternity concierge programs or offer new parent content.

We are the founder of the maternity concierge industry and as such, our unique scope is one of a kind. We are the only dedicated business-to-business coaching company with the experience, knowledge, and unique specialty to serve your maternity business or program needs. We are completely dedicated to coach, support and launch programs, entrepreneurs and companies who want to serve others. 

We are passionate industry leaders and experts with both insight and integrity and we're so glad you found us! Our team of business experts includes, successful women who have owned and mastered the art of balancing life as an entrepreneur and mom with specific experiences as doulas, baby planners, night nannies, business strategists, yoga instructors, environmental activists, brick and mortar retail owners, health care professionals and so much more. The consulting we deliver is tested and proven within the market, and on the home-front.

You're in the right place if: 

  • You're a doula, birth pro, parent coach, baby concierge, night nanny, sleep coach, lactation consultant or other specialty that serves new parents
  • You're launching or re-launching your business
  • You need help with marketing, branding, packaging services, program development, pricing and more
  • You'd like to become a baby planner, maternity consultant or parent coach, night nanny, birth pro, doula, baby sleep coach, lactation consultant and would like the business trainings to build a company that thrives
  • You're ready to grow your business reach through social media
  • You want experienced coaching and online courses 
  • You are looking for help with services, pricing, business forms, increasing sales, marketing and branding
  • You're interested in building a concierge business 
  • You are a mom with a vision who wants coaching from those who understand the same daily {un}balance of life with kids 



  • Your a company looking to offer a maternity concierge program to your employees
  • You're a healthcare professional seeking to launch your own parent coaching program to your patients
  • You're a retailer or resource and would like to license our new parent curriculum to teach under your brand
  • You are looking to license or purchase content for new parents


Founder: April Beach

Founder of AprilBeach.com, Baby Planner Inc.™, Sweet Pea Baby Planners™,  The SweetLife Company and creator of Baby Savvy®, April Beach has been in the baby planning field since day one. Her authentic passion for consulting entrepreneurs and promoting the baby planning industry has proven successful and beneficial to the growth of this new field. April authored the definition of a baby planner and wrote the first outline of industry services in her role as co-founder of the International Baby Planner Association™.

In 2008, April created Complete Baby Planning™, the first-ever holistic approach to delivering exceptional client service. April further established the Manufacturer Relations Program to connect baby planners with national brands for mutual promotion and product education. She conceived the concept for the first brick and mortar baby planning facility and authored the first industry book, The Baby Planner’s Business Plan © 2008. 

April has been featured by FOX, ABC, TODAY MOMS, MSNBC, CBS, The LA Times, Chicago Tribune,and numerous other media in her specialty field of baby planning, maternity concierge, and entrepreneurship.

April specializes in consulting corporations, entrepreneurs, doulas and coaches as well as retailers and healthcare providers by; developing business models for our clients, creating unique and effective programs, teaching baby planner services, developing and teaching communication strategies, guiding baby planners to effectively sell services, as well as consulting clients to develop strong business networks for greater profitability.

April’s extensive experience in balancing life as mom to three boys, industry pioneer, author, and executive have positioned April to successfully empower and support private and corporate businesses that choose to operate completely or partially in the baby planning and maternity concierge field.

When she is not spending time outdoors with her family or working closely with clients, April is a devoted philanthropist and offers free business consulting and support for environmental non-profits and mom-powered grassroots organizations. April founded Erie Rising {an organization that brings to light the toxic dangers of fracking to young children and babies in-utero}, and has worked with the Sierra Club®, Mark Ruffalo and Water Defense, Food and Water Watch, Healthy Child Healthy World™ The Environmental Working Group, Whole Foods Market, The Mothers Project, Patagonia, and many more exceptional organizations and environmental leaders, dedicated to the health and protection of mothers, babies in the womb, and our growing children. April was awarded as the "Greatest Thinker of 2012: Environment" by Denver Post for her ground breaking research and promotion of critical issues surrounding oil and gas development and children's health.



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