Your Guide to a Bed Rest Concierge Business

Each year, some 750,000 American women are placed on prescribed bed rest. This is a delicate and stressful time for new and seasoned moms alike. 

And you can help! 

This is a growing industry because there's a huge need. Whether you're adding Bed Rest Concierge Services to your existing business, or launching a full feldged Bed Rest Support practice, this Guide will give you the information and steps to get started. 

In this guide you'll discover: 

What a Bed Rest Concierge Is

Bestrest Consulting Services Samples

What a Baby Planning Business Is

Bestrest Concierge Services Samples

Where Bed Rest Concierge Services Are Provided

Steps to Offer Bedrest Consulting Services

What to Charge for Your Services

A la Carte Pricing vs. Packages

Marketing Your Bed Rest Concierge Services



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