Baby Pro Business Plan

 The Baby Pro Business Plan is your step by step guide to launch your business: 

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Website Choices
  • PR
  • Blogging 
  • Social Media Planning 
  • More... 

You receive unlimited access to business trainings, videos, audio files, worksheets, and downloads that walk you through the process of launching or growing your parent coaching business. 

Brought to you from the creators of the Parent Coaching Industry! 

Here's what other professionals are saying...

“It was everything I needed. Business Support: just the function of starting up. Educational Support: Resources and materials put together. It was reasonable for me to pay for. This is not just about "selling" or "marketing" your business. This s a support network of people wanting to create a lifestyle for themselves and a difference for others." Natalie Pasaro | RN, Familiar Embrace

“I chose Baby Planner Inc. because it appeared to be the most comprehensive package that fit in everything I wanted and then some! April's enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail will wow you! She has opened my eyes to possibilities and keeps me motivated to keep my dream alive!" Kymberly Norrick | Flourish Connect

“I am so excited about this! Usually I don't give up my secrets, but this is the organization that taught me to be a Baby Planner. She [April Beach] has something coming up [Baby Pro] and I'll be tuned in as Concierge Doulas prepares to expand again! ” Chanice Ford | Concierge Doulas of South Florida

“I love April. I am so glad I found Baby Planner Inc. BPU gave me the resources I needed to build my Baby Planning and Concierge business... like I was offering Grandparent Prep before ProDoula came out with theirs. This ads to what I already have!" Jessica Zablan | Our Doula Jessica

“April's programs are packed with useful information that will save you time and money in the process of setting up your business. I've taken many of her courses and can honestly say they are all worth the investment.” Carol Coy | Maternity Concierge

“I am so glad to be in this course... wish I had found something like this years ago! I've spent soooo much money on different programs, trying to piece together information that would help me figure out, LOL!  I've been going in circles for way too long! The Baby Pro Business Plan speaks to exactly what I need and I'm excited to get started!" Jalyn Spencer | Certified Lactation Counselor, Zen Mama Connect

"Thank you! Your program is absolutely awesome. I am very happy to finally take the first steps and not feeling overwhelmed.  If I knew about them sooner, I would have definitely signed up" Livia Debrowski | RN, Doula, Maternity Consultant, IBCLC

"These {lessons} are amazing!!! I've been completing a different course and am so impressed with yours. I love every aspect of it! Definitely referring it. It has honestly helped me so much! Haley T. Maternity Consultant


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