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Their family is growing. This is an exciting time for them to plan, anticipate and prepare... it's also the smartest time for them to work, focus and dive into their profession. 



A Maternity Concierge

Is a personal coach for new and expecting families. Also known as "baby planning", Maternity Concierge services deliver the most important content, classes and planning tools to help new parents get ready for baby.

Planning for Baby

Is an extensive and fun process which takes time and understanding. New parents spend countless hours researching, shopping and asking questions. 

When your company offers your staff a worldclass Maternity Concierge Program, they receive the most important information they need to help them save time, reduce stress, focus on work, and enjoy expecting.

Offer The Best Maternity Concierge Program In The Industry

Directly from the Industry Creators

In 2006 we wrote the scope of practice for the maternity concierge industry. We launched the first national parent concierge consulting firm, founded the first industry trade association, designed the first Corporate Maternity Concierge Program, and we lead the industry in business to business strategy, consulting and program development worldwide. 

We not only created the best program... we wrote the industry book.

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A Maternity Concierge Program For Companies That Lead The Way

Companies have used our program to serve thousands of expecting families since 2009.


Our turnkey implementation and established project plans, make it easy to launch your Maternity Concierge program for your staff almost immediately.


Launch and implementation are seamless with our project management specialist assuring your program is launched with ease. 


We create the program, you become the hero. Brand and customize your Maternity Concierge program for your company or brand.


Our program is designed by industry leading experts and baby planning professionals. Our content leads the industry and is exclusive to our program.

"Our hospital wanted to offer a maternity concierge program like no one had ever seen. When we came across April Beach, we were a perfect match! Her expertise to help us develop our 5 Star Program, combined with our team of coaches, we launched in 2009. Since, we've seen thousands of expecting families touching lives across our region."

Stacy J.
Dupont Hospital

"April, assisted me in developing several different programs for my business. She assisted with ideas, and helped develop the actual services and products that I'm proud to lead our industry with."

Eloise D.
Founder, Family Inceptions International

"April Beach is a master at what she does. What others are now starting to do, she has been doing for years and getting major results for her clients! This amazing woman knows her stuff!"

Jamie M.
Business Strategist | Maternity Conceirge

"Right on! You have yet again created another program that is exactly what we need. You are completely in-tune and never miss a detail."

Stephanie M.
Becoming Mothers

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